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the3rdobserver asked: I've been in the post grad school working world for about two years now. Sadly most of this still applies in some way


Not what I wanted to hear.

But, I’m glad you can still relate to the horrors of design school.

Have you ever experienced that one time when it hurts so badly and you couldn’t cry and all you did was constantly banging on your chest to distract the hurt inside by being pained physically?





People need to realize the significance of this post, because when I reblogged it it was just blank so I think some people may not understand what this is trying to say

Adopting an animal (or buying from someone close to you who has recently had puppies, kittens, etc) is not like simply going to the store and buying a toy. You do not just get to throw it away once you are done with it and it stops being cute in your eyes

This is a real living thing that has emotions, needs, and wants, not something to be thrown away when YOU are done after YOU entered at commitment to raise and care for this animal. 

What’s just as bad as dumping the animal off just anywhere you want, whether it be on the side of the road or in a shelter, is that a lot of these animals end up dying after that. Animals are NOT always adopted and strays are not always picked up. Animals can get put down, run over, tortured, and a list of other things 

People should really think about what they are responsible for before they bring an animal into their life

Not to mention that that animal loves you, you are his world, and when you drop him off at the shelter - or worse, in the street - you are abandoning him. He doesn’t know what he did wrong, he thinks you’ll come back, maybe you just dropped him off for a bit and you’ll come back to him.
Not only did you make a commitment, but that animal loves you and throwing them away isn’t just breaking that commitment, it’s throwing away someone who doesn’t understand why you don’t love him anymore and where you went.

This is so important. Animals are NOT toys you just can’t return them because you got bored. Think first before you buy a cute little puppy for your stupid girlfriend or sister or whatever. Okay. This just make me so mad that I can’t keep talking about it. Seriously you have no heart if you do this. Seriously

This shit pisses me off

How could you be so hateful to that poor puppy who loves you 

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Hamster make breakfast


Hamster drive car


Hamster make tea with frend


Hamster plan dinner party


Hamster have Birfday


Hamster love life


Hamster happy to be live


Hamster love you


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I’m in love with you
You heard me.
I’m in love with you
And I know that love is just a shout into the void
and that oblivion is inevitable
and that we’re all doomed
and that there will come a day
when all our labour has been returned to dust
and i know the sun will swallow
the only earth we will ever have
and I’m in love with you

Augustus Waters
Tha Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The look Gus gave Hazel when they were in Amsterdam.
In love.

Hazel: What?
Gus: You look gorgeous.

Reading the book prior to the movie, already knowing what’s gonna happen, breaks my heart.

I am watching My Fair Lady at 1.30am and I couldn’t help but to realise that I do feel as socially-challenged as Eliza.

At least she was polished within a week. 25 years I doubt I would.



Literature Meme ||| {9/10} Prose
● F A H R E N H E I T   4 5 1 ●
                   by Ray Bradbury

It’s a world where firemen start fires rather than stop them. It’s a world where books are banned(after all, they hold bad ideas). It’s a world where people do not spend time alone, or take pleasure in the outdoors. Most importantly, it’s a world where people do not think independently and the burning point of paper is 451 degrees.

5 years and still my favourite book

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